Private  Ambulances service, SOS ABIDJAN was created in 2019 after 10 years of reflection.


With 12 over-equipped ambulances, a bilingual call center and our instantaneous geolocation, we align ourselves with the most demanding international standards.


Handpicked and in continuous training, we decided to invest first in men. Each team is made up of an emergency doctor, an emergency nurse and an ambulance driver trained in first aid.

Fully operational, the men and women of SOS ABIDJAN have several years of experience in medical emergencies and intervene several times a day.


Ambulance or helicopter, we pick you up in minutes to protect your families and employees. Whether in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and everywhere in West Africa, your guardian angel watches over you, 24/7.



Thanks to our ALERT24 App , we geo locate you instantly. A simple tap on your smartphone triggers the alarm in our call center. We will call you back within seconds and the emergency team will start immediately. During this time, a resuscitator stays on the line with you to determine the seriousness of the situation, advise on first aid measures and pass all the information on to the ambulance.

With ALERT24 , your family doctor will be immediately alerted.






OUR KNOW-HOW: "every second counts"

Our real know-how lies in pre-hospital care.

We intervene in a few minutes to apply first aid gestures and administer emergency care.

Our perfectly equipped ambulances supplied with injectable products and our highly trained teams allow us to act directly on the patient before transporting him.


Once the patient is stabilized, we transport them safely to the clinic of your choice.


Beforehand, our regulator will have contacted your family doctor and the destination clinic. We will have sent the patient's medical file to prepare for his arrival at the establishment of your choice.


Private  ambulances service

We intervene in a few minutes 24/7, everywhere in Abidjan, to administer emergency first aid.

Once the patient has stabilized, we send him to the clinic of his choice, where we will have previously reserved a place in the emergency room, with the patient's file.




Everywhere in Côte d'Ivoire and in the sub-region, by ambulance, helicopter or medical plane, we will come and pick you up. Well versed in emergency techniques, our teams of emergency physicians and resuscitators intervene in a few minutes to stabilize you and administer emergency treatments.

In repatriation to the best clinics in Abidjan, or in evacuation to Europe, Lebanon or the USA, our Anglo-Saxon logistics organization and our international relays provide us with ultra-fast reactivity.

As a true relay for international insurers, the largest global assistance providers such as Aspen, International SOS or Europ'Assistance trust us to take care of their policyholders, everywhere in the sub-region.




Whether you are a layman or a first aid worker at work, we train and assess your teams in first aid techniques.

As for your teams of nurses and occupational physicians, we provide them with additional training on first aid, handling defibrillator monitors and stretcher techniques.




When your family doctor is not available and your referral clinic does not respond, we send you a general practitioner 24/7, who will arrive at your home in a few minutes, thanks to the geo-localized ALERT24 application. Consultation, blood samples, home hospitalization, evacuation, we will take care of you.




For isolated industrial sites, we deploy turnkey, fully autonomous solutions. We adapt to your time, space, distance and accessibility constraints to offer you real modular advanced medical stations.

Agricultural, mining, oil or Off Shore, we equip your industrial sites with high-performance human and material resources.


For all your events, fairs, exhibitions, shows, concerts, sporting and cultural events, we provide our ultra-equipped ambulances and our perfectly trained emergency teams.

Real pharmacy and mobile treatment room, our ambulances are ready to respond advantageously to all your medical emergencies. And if necessary, we will transfer you in a few minutes to the nearest clinic.



Abidjan / Ivory Coast / West Africa